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THE CAPITOL April 29, 1997

  1. Approval of minutes of meeting held on April 15, 1997. (Att. #1)
  2. APPROVAL OF FISCAL SUFFICIENCY OF NOT EXCEEDING $13,400,000 STATE OF FLORIDA, DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SERVICES, DIVISION OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT FLORIDA FACILITIES POOL REVENUE BONDS, SERIES 1997A: The Division of Bond Finance of the State Board of Administration (the "Division") has submitted for approval as to fiscal sufficiency a proposal to issue an amount Not Exceeding $13,400,000 State of Florida, Department of Management Services, Division of Facilities Management Florida Facilities Pool Revenue Bonds, Series 1997A (the "Bonds") on behalf of the Division of Facilities Management of the Department of Management Services. The Bonds are being issued for the purpose of paying certain costs of issuance and to pay all or a portion of the cost of certain facilities, as detailed in the bond documents, to be leased in whole or in part to state agencies. It is anticipated the Eighteenth Supplemental Revenue Bond Resolution for the proposed Bonds will be approved by the Governing Board of the Division on April 29, 1997. A study of this proposal and the estimates of revenue and other available moneys expected to accrue indicate that the proposed Bonds are fiscally sufficient and that the proposal will be executed pursuant to the applicable provisions of law. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Board approve the fiscal sufficiency of the proposal outlined above. (Att. #2) REPORTS BY THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:
  3. Submitted for information and review are the investment performance and fund balance analysis for the month of March 1997. (Att. #3)