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April 23, 1996


1. Approval of the minutes for the March 12, 1996, Cabinet meeting.

2. The Division of Administrative Services is requesting authority to enter into an agreement with Compuware Corporation for the "Uniface" software development tool with associated training and maintenance. The proposed contract periods will be date of issue through June 30, 1996, with an estimated cost of $254,826, and July 1, 1996, through June 30, 1997, with an estimated cost of $138,600.

The contracts proposed are sole source purchases. Authority (E-0855) for this sole source acquisition was granted by the Department of Management Services Division of Purchasing on April 10, 1996.


The Information Resource Commission (IRC) promulgated Administrative Rule 44-100, directing state agencies to establish quality initiatives for system development by July 1994. The rule required state agencies to establish a formal quality assurance (QA) function designed to increase software quality, improve timeliness of delivery, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. The rule also required state agencies to implement an information systems development methodology and a formal system for project estimation and tracking.

As a key component of the QA program, Information Systems Administration (ISA) acquired the Learmonth & Burchett Management System (LBMS) Methodology for information system development. The methodology defines a comprehensive set of life cycle activities that support software development from planning through maintenance.

A computer aided software engineering (CASE) tool, "Software Engineer" from LBMS, was purchased in January 1994. This tool enables the capturing of design and analysis information in a central repository and also provides the means to produce the deliverables specified by the methodology. The primary outputs are the data and process model diagrams and their relationships.

The remaining product needed to fully implement the intent of the IRC rule is a software development tool that uses the models developed in our CASE tool as a starting point to build the application. Our objective is to significantly improve programmer productivity by allowing developers to rapidly build applications,reduce future maintenance efforts, and improve the quality of software.

The product chosen to fulfill the department's software development requirement is "Uniface" from Compuware Corporation.

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3. The Division of Driver Licenses is requesting authority to enter into a contract with Florida State University for the design, development,installation and maintenance of a centralized database to track DUI clients. This agency has received a federal grant from the Florida Department of Transportation for this project in the amount of $99,874. This database will allow electronic communication between the 29 DUI programs and the DUI section within the Division of Driver Licenses.

The purpose of the grant is to provide an electronic system for tracking the 60,000 DUI clients each year and for obtaining vital information regarding client history, driving records and treatment information. This purchase will also provide the necessary computer equipment, software, installation and training that will be needed.

These services and commodities are exempt from competitive bidding requirements, cf.s.287.057 (21), Florida Statutes, and 60A-1.002 (2)(c), FAC.

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