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February 27, 1996

1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held February 13, 1996.


Request approval of transfer of $47,469,437 in General Revenue appropriations as follows:

  Adult Dental, Visual, & Hearing Services 705,700
  Therapeutic Services for Children 15,202,059
  Early and Periodic Screening 3,840,382
  Family Planning 128,378
  Home & Community Based Services 318,165
  Home Health Services 11,142,072
  Hospice Services 1,954,619
  Hospital Inpatient Services (6,943,984)
  Hospital Outpatient Services (1,786,389)
  Respiratory Therapy Services 61,598
  Nurse Practitioner Services 92,182
  Nursing Home Care (17,225,108)
  Birthing Center Services 8,779
  Other Lab & X-Ray Services 246,292
  Personal Care Services 133,153
  Physical Rehabilitation Therapy 660,419
  Physician Services 6,439,981
  Prepaid Health Plans/HMO (11,944,153)
  Prescribed Medicine/Drugs (5,046,816)
  Private Duty Nursing Services 1,706,256
  Rural Health Services 471,924
  Medipass Services 2,457,168
  Supplemental Medical Insurance (4,522,987)
  Occupational Therapy Services 37,463
  Clinic Services 1,862,847


(Aligns budget authority with current expenditures as projected at the November 17, 1995 Social Services Estimating Conference.)

3. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES. Request approval of transfer of $60,000 in General Revenue appropriations as follows:

Division of Food Safety
  Salaries and Benefits (60,000)
  Expenses 60,000


(Meets the operating costs of the State Meat Inspection Program.)

4. DEPARTMENT OF ELDER AFFAIRS. Request approval of transfer of $325,000 in General Revenue appropriations as follows:

Grants and Aids-Local Services Program (325,000)
Home & Community Based Services Waiver 325,000


(Provides for the transfer of funds from the Local Services program to the Medicaid Waiver for the provision of in-home services to the elderly. This transfer will enable the department to maximize federal financial participation.)

5. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND REHABILITATIVE SERVICES. Request approval of transfer of $726,336 in General Revenue appropriations as follows:

Mental Health Institutions
Grants and Aids-Contracted Professional Services
Alcohol, Drub Abuse and Mental Health Services
Grants and Aids-Community Mental Health


(Provides for the transfer of the Transit Company, a transitional living program for persons released from South Florida State Hospital from the Mental Health Institution Budget to Community Mental Health.)

6. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Request authorization to establish 2 positions in excess of the number fixed by the Legislature as follows:

FTE Florida Statutes
100% State Funding
Division of Administrative and
Technical Services
Senior Management Analyst II 1
Senior Management Analyst I 12



(Provides for two positions to work with the Governor's Office of Planning and Budgeting to ensure that effective coordination and communication takes place between the water management districts. The Water Management District Review Commission recently voted to approve a measure which would establish a process for the review and subsequent approval of the budgets of the five water management districts.)

7. ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION. Request consideration of the Annual Report of the Florida Growth Management Data Network Coordinating Council.


Acceptance of the Annual Report for informational purposes only.


Annual Report.

8. ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION. Request consideration of proposed rule adopting remedial amendments to the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan. (AC Case No. ACC-95-024)

On December 12, 1995, the Administration Commission entered a Final Order in the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan proceeding. The Final Order found Monroe County's comprehensive plan not in compliance and adopted the Recommended Order of the Hearing Officer, with few exceptions. Additionally, the Final Order set forth remedial actions necessary to bring the plan into compliance.

The Final Order directed the Secretary of the Commission to notice a proposed rule which would amend Monroe County's comprehensive plan by adopting those policies necessary to bring the plan into compliance. Proposed amendments to Rule 28-20.100, F.A.C., were published in the Florida Administrative Weekly on December 29, 1995. In addition to noticing a proposed rule, the Final Order directed that a component of the rulemaking process would include facilitated negotiation among the parties to the proceeding below and the Departments of Environmental Protection, Health and Rehabilitative Services, and Transportation, and the South Florida Water Management District. The facilitated rulemaking negotiation meetings were conducted during the months of December, 1995, and January, 1996, and a Facilitators' Final Report was issued on February 9, 1996. The Facilitators' Final Report was incorporated into the rulemaking record as provided for in section 120.54(3)(a), F.S.

Public hearings to receive comments on proposed amendments to Rule 28-20.100, F.A.C., were conducted on January 23 - 25, 1996, in Key Largo, Key Colony Beach, and Key West, and the record was open to written comments through February 9, 1996.

The Final Order entered by the Commission on December 12, 1995, was appealed to the First District Court of Appeal by six parties to the proceeding. Additionally, eight petitions were filed with the Division of Administrative Hearings challenging the validity of proposed amendments to Rule 28-20.100, F.A.C.


The staff recommendation will be distributed separately.


Facilitators' Final Report dated February 9, 1996.

Summary of Public Hearing and written comments. (To be distributed separately.)

Draft Final Order. (To be distributed separately.) Meets the operating costs of the State Meat Inspection Program