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January 28, 2003


1.         Request approval of the minutes for the meeting held October 22, 2002. 

            (Deferred from the December 11, 2002, meeting.)


2.         Request approval of proposed amendments to Florida Administrative Code Rule

Chapters 60L-31, -32, and -33.


The Department of Management Services (DMS) requests approval of amendments to the following Florida Administrative Code rule chapters: 


                        Chapter 60L-31            Classification Authority

                        Chapter 60L-32            Compensation and Benefits

                        Chapter 60L-33            Appointments and Status


The amendments implement the “broadbanding” provisions (i.e., classification and compensation program) of the Service First legislation enacted during the 2001 Legislative Session (SB 466, ch. 2001-43, hereafter “the Act”). 


Pursuant to section 42 of the Act, the DMS Division of Human Resources promulgated new rules for the State Personnel System.  The Administration Commission approved the new rules in November 2001, and they became effective in January 2002.  It is now necessary to amend some of these rules, as the broadbanding provision of the Act primarily replaces the provisions of former sections 110.207 and 110.209, F.S., which were not repealed until

June 30, 2002. 


Pursuant to section 14 of the Act, in December 2001, the Division of Human Resources submitted its proposed design of the new broadbanding program.  During the 2002 Legislative Session, the Legislature adopted the report as the classification plans and pay plans required by sections 110.2035, 110.403(1)(c), and 110.603, F.S.  Administration Commission approval is required for rules under section 110.403(1), F.S.  (Approval is not required for rules under section 110.603, F.S.  Nor is approval required for rules under section 110.2035, F.S.; however, approval was formerly required for rules under section 110.207 and 110.209, F.S., which section 110.2035 replaced.)


The broadbanding changes most directly affect Chapter 60L-31, Classification Plan, and in particular rule 60L-31.002, F.A.C.  Due primarily to new terminology under the broadbanding program, amendments are also required in Chapters 60L-32, Compensation and Benefits, and 60L-33, Appointments and Status. 




            Memo from DMS with proposed amendments to Chapters 60L-31, -32, and -33, F.A.C.