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December 12, 2000


Governor Jeb Bush

Commissioner Tom Gallagher

Secretary of State Katherine Harris

Attorney General Bob Butterworth

Comptroller Robert F. Milligan

Treasurer Bill Nelson

Commissioner Bob Crawford

9:00 A.M. Melbourne City Commission Chambers

Contact: Lynn Abbott 900 East Strawbridge Avenue

(850) 488-0080 Melbourne, Florida




1. Minutes of the October 24, 2000 meeting.

(Attachment 1) FOR APPROVAL

  1. Continued Program Approval Standards and Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida.
  2. (Attachment 2, Backup to Follow) FOR APPROVAL

  3. Identification of High Priority School Locations for Use in Implementation of the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.
  4. (Attachment 3) FOR APPROVAL

  5. Identification of Critical Teacher Shortage Areas.
  6. (Attachment 4, Backup to Follow) FOR APPROVAL

  7. 2001-2002 Adult Fee Schedule.
  8. (Attachment 5, Backup to Follow) FOR APPROVAL


  9. Amendment to Rule 6F-1.001, General Requirements.
  10. (Attachment 6) FOR APPROVAL

  11. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.001, Certificate of License for Schools.
  12. (Attachment 7) FOR APPROVAL

  13. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.0015, Change in Ownership.
  14. (Attachment 8) FOR APPROVAL

  15. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.0016, Change in Control.
  16. (Attachment 9) FOR APPROVAL


    Rules, continued

  17. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.0017, Student Protection Fund.
  18. (Attachment 10) FOR APPROVAL

  19. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.002, Minimum Standards for Licensure of Schools.
  20. (Attachment 11) FOR APPROVAL

  21. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.0024, Fair Consumer Practices.
  22. (Attachment 12) FOR APPROVAL

  23. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.0026, Fee Schedule.
  24. (Attachment 13) FOR APPROVAL

  25. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.003, School Descriptive Inventory.
  26. (Attachment 14) FOR APPROVAL

  27. Amendment to Rule 6F-2.004, Advertising.
  28. (Attachment 15) FOR APPROVAL

  29. Amendment to Rule 6F-3.001, Agents; License Required.
  30. (Attachment 16) FOR APPROVAL

  31. Amendment to Rule 6F-3.002, Agents, Qualifications, Training, Limitation of Authority,
  32. Responsibility of Schools, Agents, and Applicants.

    (Attachment 17) FOR APPROVAL

  33. Amendment to Rule 6F-4.001, License Application Package.
  34. (Attachment 18) FOR APPROVAL

  35. Repeal of Rule 6H-1.046, Florida Community College Distance Learning Consortium.

(Attachment 19) FOR ACTION


20. Appointments to the Education Standards Commission - Thomas E. Lynch replacing Judy Brashear for a term ending September 20, 2001 and Dr. Wesley Little replacing Jerry Lafferty for a term ending September 30, 2003.

(Attachment 20) FOR ACTION

21. Appointment to the Education Practices Commission - Kimberly Pinsky replacing Thomas Morris for a term ending September 30, 2004.

(Attachment 21) FOR ACTION