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April 25, 2000


Agency Contact: Joe M. McCaskill, 850/488-2276

  1. Request approval to renew the contract for pre-employment psychological screenings and fitness for duty evaluations. The term of the proposed contract is July 1, 2000, through June 30, 2003. The estimated expenditures are $130,800. The contractor is Law Enforcement Psychological and Counseling Associates, Inc., of Coral Gables, Florida.

    The purpose of the psychological screenings is to determine if applicants for the position of law enforcement officer meet established psychological standards for employment. The fitness for duty evaluation is used to determine if an existing employee is fit for duty.

    Although these services are exempt from competitive bidding requirements per

    s. 287.057 (3)(f), Florida Statutes, and 60A-1.002 (2)(c), FAC, the Florida Highway Patrol also considered the information proposals received from Law Enforcement Psychological Services, Inc., Los Gatos, California, and Mr. Jeff Liang, Ph.D, Child Adolescent and Family Therapist, Tallahassee, Florida.

    Law Enforcement Psychological and Counseling Associates, Inc., has twenty years experience, including 30 law enforcement agencies, and has provided these services to the Florida Highway Patrol for nine years. They have been involved in successfully answering challenges to the Florida Highway Patrol's use of psychological screening in the employment process, and their rates were the lowest of the three contractors.

    Attachment #1.


  2. Request approval to contract for custom automated driver license testing software (ADLTS) from Compaq Computer Corporation.

    ADLTS will allow driver license customers to take their written test using a personal computer or a written test generated by the computer. This service will be offered in all driver licenses offices currently offering written tests. A list is attached. The total cost for this custom software is $675,000.

    Compaq was selected for the ADLTS contract through a process of negotiation with Compaq, Core Technology Group, Inc. and Canopy Software for the following reasons:

    Compaq is the incumbent vendor providing the Florida Driver License Information System (FDLIS), offered the lowest price ($675,000), and is a current state contract vendor (973-505-97-1).

    Core Technology Group, Inc., was the former provider of driver license testing software and quoted the highest price.

    Canopy Software is currently providing two Expert Systems; the Supervisory Assistance System and the Driver License Customer Assistance System and is also a current state contract vendor (973-557-00-1), but quoted a higher price than Compaq.

    Price quotes from Core Technology and Canopy Software are attached along with the statements of work and prices provided for both projects by Compaq in accordance with the requirements of the state contract.

    Attachment #2.


  3. Request approval to contract for information technology consulting services from Compaq Computer Corporation to support our Internet/e-government/e-commerce web applications for driver license and motor vehicle registration renewal services and automated driver license testing.

    The Internet/e-government/e-commerce web site will allow customers to record changes of address, renew licenses and registrations as well as take or administer driver license tests. The Department selected Compaq for establishing the Internet site through ITN #008-99, Replacement of FRVIS in Tax Collector offices.

    The consulting services, which apply to all of the Department's e-government functions, include on-site administration for Microsoft NT, Web and Transaction servers, Netscape I Planet software, and Paylinks software. The estimated total amount for the project is $150,000. The purchase will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of State Contract #973-505-97-1.

    Attachment #3.