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Your Choice Toolkit:

For most people, cost and value are two of the key factors in making any purchase. That's why the State of Florida is providing a Choice Toolkit designed to help you shop for the medical plan, health savings account and/or reimbursement accounts that best fit your needs. The Choice Toolkit includes a:

  • Health Plan Cost Estimator, to help you compare the estimated total costs of the PPO, HMO and Health Investor medical plans available to you - based on the health:
    • coverage you buy through the state
    • care you need during the year.
  • The tool also helps you take a close look at what enrolling in the Health Savings Account (HSA) available with the Health Investor medical plans could mean to you in tax savings and the ability to save for future healthcare expenses.

If you are an active employee, think about using the:

  • Medical Reimbursement Account Estimator, to help you estimate your out-of-pocket health, dental and vision costs, and see the possible federal tax savings if you use this account to pay for those expenses with pre-tax dollars.
  • Limited Purpose Medical Reimbursement Account Estimator, to estimate your tax savings from using the account for out-of-pocket dental, vision and over-the-counter medication costs if you are leaning toward enrolling in a Health Investor plan and a Health Savings Account (HSA), since Federal rules don't allow you to enroll in the Medical Reimbursement Account if you select the Health Investor/HSA combination.
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account Estimator that lets you estimate possible tax savings when you use this pre-tax account for eligible dependent day care expenses so that you can work.