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Estimate the number of times you and your family will be using each service in the plan year. For example, if you and your spouse will both be covered, and you estimate that you will each have 2 periodic oral exams this plan year, enter 4 next to periodic oral exam.

Your Anticipated Dental Needs
Dental Service and Recommended Frequency Average Cost* Total Number of Times Covered Individuals Will Use the Service
Preventive Care
Periodic oral exam (ADA 120) $40
Limited Oral Evaluation - problem focused (ADA 140) $64
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - new or established patient (ADA 150) $65
Intraoral - Complete Series, including bitewings (ADA 210) $103
Intraoral Periapical x-rays (ADA 220) $22
Intraoral Periapical x-rays, each additional film (ADA 230) $19
Bitewing x-rays - two films (ADA 272) $35
Bitewing x-rays - four films (ADA 274) $49
Panoramic film (ADA 330) $88
Prophylaxis - adult (ADA 1110) $74
Prophylaxis - child (ADA 1120) $55
Fluoride - child (ADA 1203) $30
Sealant - per tooth (ADA 1351) $42
Basic and Major Care
Amalgam - 1 surface, primary or permanent (ADA 2140) $137
Amalgam - 2 surfaces, primary or permanent (ADA 2150) $171
Resin-based composite 1 surface anterior (ADA 2330) $130
Resin-based composite 2 surfaces anterior (ADA 2331) $154
Crown - porcelain/ceramic substrate (ADA 2740) $992
Core buildup, including any pins (ADA 2950) $207
Periodontal Scaling and Root planing, four or more teeth per quadrant (ADA 4341) $200
Periodontal Maintenance (ADA 4910) $109
Extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root (ADA 7140) $135
Surgical removal of an erupted tooth (ADA 7210) $230
Orthodontia Care
Comprehensive treatment of adolescent dentition (full treatment case up to 24 months, including fixed/removable appliances) (ADA 8080) $2,841
Comprehensive treatment of adult dentition (full treatment case up to 24 months, including fixed/removable appliances) (ADA 8090) $3,294

* These reflect average dental costs in Florida. Allowed costs vary based on the procedure(s) as billed by the dental care provider.

Step 3
Select up to three dental plan options you would like to compare.
PPO Humana Preferred Plus (4054)
Indemnity Ameritas Dental (4064)
Assurant Freedom Advance (4074) ** See below
Humana Schedule B (4084)
Prepaid Humana Network Plus (4004)
UnitedHealthcare Solstice S700 (4014)
Assurant Prepaid 225 (4025)
CIGNA Dental (4034)
Humana Select 15 (4044)

** Assurant's Freedom Advance Plan (4074) is unavailable for comparison. We apologize for the inconvenience. Click here to learn more about the plan.

Calculate and view results below, or reset the worksheet and model a new scenario. To modify a current scenario, simply adjust the numbers or select new plans to compare above and click the Calculate button.


Without coverage, your total dental expenses for the calendar year are estimated to be

The estimate of your total annual dental expenses is based on the costs shown above. All costs shown are average Florida costs; your cost may vary based on the plan you select and whether the dentists you use are in the plan's network.