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So, you are thinking about a career with the State of Florida? Our career paths are as diverse as our population and the value of working with us is much more than what's offered by the state's pay and benefits programs. The state offers you the opportunity to serve in ways that make a real difference in the lives of Florida's citizens. Whether you're in a public safety role, responsible for clean water, health outreach, the welfare of our children, our green spaces, roads or preserving Florida history, it is easy to be proud of the public service you provide. Learn more about how employees serve the State of Florida and what they think of their jobs by viewing videos and reading testimonials from actual employees.

If you are considering working for the state or you currently work for the state, you can get a pretty good ballpark estimate of the total value of your pay, benefits and paid leave by using our estimator tool. Just answer a few simple questions and click "calculate."

To find out more about how employees can make a difference in their communities and to the environment, look at Making a Difference and for a full listing of leave benefits see Work and Life.

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