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How to Enroll

You may enroll for state benefits when you first become eligible - as a new hire or because of a Qualifying Status Change event during the year - and again during Open Enrollment each year. If you don't make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment, your previous year's benefit choices stay in effect for the following year unless there are contract vendor changes or changes in law.

  • If you are a newly hired employee or have just experienced a Qualifying Status Change event, your enrollment deadline is driven by your date of hire or the date of the event, respectively. See the New Hire Center or the Life Event Center for more information about your deadline.
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About Your Options

Explore your benefits options on this site.

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Important Considerations When Choosing a Medical Plan

Important Considerations When Choosing a Dental Plan


With Smart Tools to Help You Decide

Use the Health Plan Cost Estimator and the Reimbursement Account Estimators to help you compare your options and make smart choices based on your bottom line.

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Through PeopleFirst - it's quick and easy

Or call the People First Service Center at 866-663-4735 (TTY 866-221-0268).

As part of the enrollment process, you must certify that the dependants you are covering are eligible. Please review the eligibility requirements carefully. You may be liable for any and all premiums and claims paid for any dependent deemed ineligible.


Health Savings Account Enrollment

Think you made your enrollment choices and now you're through? If you enrolled in a Health Investor Health Plan, don't stop until you have enrolled for your Health Savings Account. HSA enrollment is a two-step process:

  • Once you have selected a Health Investor Health Plan, you must open your HSA through the People First system – indicating how much you want to contribute, if anything,
  • Then you must activate your HSA personal bank account at Tallahassee State Bank by completing the HSA bank account application. Note: By Federal law, you will be required to provide your Social Security number, date of birth and residential address (not a post office box) to the HSA administrator before an HSA can be opened in your name.

Until you open your HSA in the enrollment system and activate your HSA personal bank account, you will miss out on the state's contribution to your account.