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When you work for the state, the total value of what you receive is more than your paycheck. In addition to your salary, the state delivers financial value to you through its contributions to your medical coverage and retirement benefits, as well as the state's paid leave programs.

If you are considering working for the state or you currently work for the state, you can get a pretty good ballpark estimate of the total value of your pay, benefits and paid leave by using the estimator tool below. Just answer a few simple questions and click "calculate."

Estimator Tool

Anticipated Annual Salary

Job Classification

Who you cover for health care benefits

Years of Service

Estimated Current Annual Value of Working for the State of Florida

Your salary

State contributions for Standard PPO health coverage

State contributions for FRS retirement plan

State contributions for Social Security and Medicare

Total estimated value

Estimated Annual Value of Your Earned Paid Leave

Annual leave and sick leave earned plus holidays

 (the value of holidays and any paid leave you take is reflected in your salary)

This provides the estimated annual value of working for the State of Florida, based on your answers to the questions above and some basic assumptions – for example, that you select the State's Standard PPO health plan and the FRS Investment Plan. The value you personally receive from working at the State will depend on your program choices and actual program provisions in place at any point in time.

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