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Saturday - February 25, 2017
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From architects to medical doctors to yacht brokers, Florida requires many professional activities to be state-licensed. This is a listing of regulated professions and businesses , including links to websites that allow you to lookup individual names, license numbers and more. Please use the "Licensees Organized Alphabetically" tab and the "Licensees by Category" tab to search for the license information that you would like to locate.

Licensees Organized Alphabetically Licensees by Category

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 1 and 2 Family Dwelling Inspector & Plans Examiner
 Abortion Clinics
 Adult Day Care Centers
 Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH)
 Advertising (land, condo's, mobile homes)
 Air Conditioning Contractor
 Alarm System Contractor
 Alcohol & Tobacco Brand Registrant
 Alcohol & Tobacco Brands
 Alcohol & Tobacco Common Carrier
 Alcohol & Tobacco Dual Licenses
 Alcohol & Tobacco Permit
 Alcohol & Tobacco Pool Buying
 Alcohol Bottle Club
 Alcohol Retail Beverage
 Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) License Verification
 All professions and facilities regulated by the Department of Health
 Alternate Assurance
 Ambulatory Surgical Centers
 Apprentice Optician
 Architect Business
 Architects & Interior Designer Cont Ed Provider
 Asbestos Business
 Asbestos Consultant
 Asbestos Contractor
 Asbestos Course Provider
 Asbestos Financial Officer
 Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
 Athletic Trainer
 Auction Business
 Auctioneers Owner/Shareholder
 Audiology Assistant
 Bail Bond Agent
 Barber Shop
 Barbers Cont Ed Provider
 Basic X-ray Machine Operator
 Bed and Breakfast
 Birth Centers
 Body Wrapper
 Boxing Licenses
 Building Code Administrator
 Building Code Course Provider
 Building Contractor
 Building Inspector
 Building Plans Examiner
 Cardroom Licenses
 Certificate of Need/Financial Analysis (CON/FA)
 Certified Capital Company
 Certified Foreign School
 Certified Master Social Worker
 Certified Public Accountant
 Certified Public Accountant Provider
 Check Casher
 Chief Administrator - Real Estate
 Chiropractic Assistant
 Chiropractic Physician
 Chiropractic Physician Assistant
 Cinerator Registration
 Laboratory Licensure Unit
 Clinical Laboratory Personnel
 Clinical Social Worker
 Collection Agency
 Commercial Banks (State-Chartered)
 Commercial HMOs/PHCs/EPOs
 Community Association Manager
 Community Association Manager Cont Ed Provider
 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab. Facilities
 Concurrent Intern
 Condominium Project
 Construction Financial Officer
 Construction Qualified Business
 Consultant Pharmacist
 Consumer Finance Company
 Continuing Education Provider
 Cooperative Project
 Corporate Broker
 Correspondent Lenders
 Cosmetology Cont Ed Provider
 Cosmetology Salon
 Credit Unions (State-Chartered)
 Crisis Stabilization Units and Short Term Residential Treatment Facilities
 Deferred Presentment Providers
 Dental Hygienist
 Dental Laboratory
 Dental Radiographer
 Dental Teaching Permit
 Deputy Pilot
 Diagnostic Imaging Services
 Diagnostic Radiological Physicist
 Direct Disposal Establishment
 Direct Disposers
 Electrical Contractor
 Electrical Course Provider
 Electrical Financial Officer
 Electrical Inspector
 Electrical Plans Examiner
 Electrical Qualified Business
 Electrolysis Facility
 Elevator Company
 Elevator Inspector
 Embalmer Apprentice
 Embalming Facility
 Employee Leasing Licenses
 Engineering Certificate of Authorization
 Engineering Intern
 Exchange Program
 Extended Congregate Care (ECC)
 Facial Specialist
 Firearms Instructor
 Fishing - Commercial
 Fishing - Recreational
 Foreign Currency Exchanger
 Full Specialist
 Funds Transmitter
 Funeral Director / Embalmer
 Funeral Directors & Embalmers Cont Ed Provider
 Funeral Refrigeration Facility
 Funeral Removal Service
 General Appraisal Instructor
 General Appraiser
 General Contractor
 General Radiographer
 Geology Business
 Hair Wrapper
 Health Care Clinic
 Health Care Risk Manager
 Health Care Services Pool
 Health Flex Plan Program
 Hearing Aid Specialist
 Home Care Unit
 Home Health Aide Fact Sheet
 Home Improvement Finance Seller
 Home Medical Equipment Provider
 Homemaker Companion Services
 Homes for Special Services (HHS)
 Horse License
 Hotel Owner/Officer
 Hunting and Fishing License
 Incidental Benefits
 Insurance Agent
 Insurance Company
 Interior Design Business
 Interior Designer
 Interior Designers Cont Ed Provider
 Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled Persons (ICFDD)
 International Bank Offices
 Investigative / Security Agency Manager
 Investment Adviser
 LTD Service Veterinary Practice
 Land Sales & Condos Management Company
 Land Sales & Condos Parent Company
 Land Sales Subdivision
 Landscape Architect
 Landscape Architect Business
 Landscape Architect Cont Ed Provider
 Limited Inspector
 Limited Mental Health (LMH)
 Limited Nursing Services (LNS)
 Limited Plans Examiner
 Managing Entity
 Marriage/Family Therapist
 Massage Establishment
 Massage Therapist
 Mechanical Contractor
 Mechanical Inspector
 Mechanical Plans Examiner
 Mediation Petition
 Medical Doctor
 Medical Faculty Certificate
 Medical Health Physicist
 Medical Nuclear Radio Physicist
 Mental Health Counselor
 Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicle
 Mobile Home Project
 Modular Inspector
 Modular Plans Examiner
 Mortgage Broker
 Mortgage Broker Business
 Mortgage Business Schools
 Mortgage Lender
 Multi-Site Timeshare Project
 Multiphasic Health Testing Centers (MHTC)
 Nail Specialist
 Naturopathic Physician
 Non-Deposit Trust Companies
 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
 Nuclear Pharmacist
 Nurse Registry
 Nursing Home Administrator
 Nursing Homes
 Occupational Therapist
 Optical Establishment Permit
 Optometric Facility Certificate
 Optometry Branch Office
 Organ, Tissue and Eye Procurement Organizations
 Orthotic Fitter
 Orthotist & Prosthetist Cont Ed Provider
 Osteopath Faculty Certificate
 Osteopathic Physician
 Pari-Mutuel Business Occupational
 Partial Hospitalization Program
 Payment Instrument Issuer
 Permanent Food Service
 Permitholder Annual Lic & Operating Day
 Pest Control Company
 Pesticide Applicator
 Pesticide Dealer
 Physical Therapist
 Physical Therapist Assistant
 Physician Assistant
 Plumbing Contractor
 Plumbing Inspector
 Podiatric Physician
 Podiatric Residency Program
 Podiatric X-Ray Assistant
 Pool Inspector
 Pool/Spa Contractor
 Portable X-ray
 Practical Nurse
 Precision Tank Tester
 Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPEC)
 Private Investigative Agency
 Private Investigator
 Professional Engineer
 Provisional Coastal Construction Inspector
 Provisional Plans from BEST
 Public Records Request (119)
 Radiation Therapy Technologist
 Real Estate Appraisal Provider
 Real Estate Branch Office
 Real Estate Corporation
 Real Estate Courses
 Real Estate Instructor
 Real Estate Partnership
 Real Estate School
 Real Estate Temporary Practice Permit
 Recovery Agency
 Recovery Agency Manager
 Recovery Agent
 Recovery School Instructor
 Registered Nurse
 Registered Student Exemption
 Rehabilitation Agencies
 Related Affiliates
 Repossessor School
 Repossessor School Instructor
 Reservation Program
 Residential Appraiser
 Residential Contractor
 Residential Treatment Facilities
 Resort Condominium
 Respiratory Practitioner
 Respiratory Therapist
 Respondent Licenses
 Restricted Barber
 Retail Installment Seller
 Retail Tobacco Products Dealer
 Risk Management and Patient Safety
 Roofing Contractor
 Rooming House
 Rural Health Clinics
 Sales Finance Seller
 Salesperson Wine & Spirits
 Securities Broker/Dealer
 Security Agency
 Security Officer
 Security Officer School
 Security Officer School Instructor
 Solar Contractor
 Specialty Contractor
 Standard Inspector
 Standard Plans Examiner
 State Pilot
 Statewide Firearms License
 Surveyor & Mapper
 Surveyor Business
 Surveyors and Mappers Cont Ed Provider
 Talent Agency
 Tank Lining Applicator
 Teacher or other Educator
 Theme Park Food Cart
 Timeshare Project
 Title Agency
 Title Agent
 Title Loan Companies
 Tobacco Wholesaler, Distributor & Exporter
 Utility and Excavation
 Utility and Excavation Contractor
 Utilization Review
 Vending Machine
 Veterinarian Cont Ed Provider
 Veterinarian Establishment
 Visiting Faculty Certificate
 Yacht & Ship Salesperson or Broker
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