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    Technical Support
  • Why can't I access the People First system?

  • I am having trouble opening certain documents and/or webcasts on the People First website. What should I do?
  • Phone: 1-866-693-5873

    or In Tallahassee, call
    (ETSD Help Desk)

    Fax: 850-487-4575

    Job Applicants
  • How do I apply for a job using People First?

  • Where can I find a listing of state jobs?

  • How do I tailor my search for state jobs?
  • Phone: 1-877-562-7287
    (People First Jobs Center)

    Fax: 904-636-2627
    JobsDirect (Old System)
  • How long will JobsDirect be available?

  • How can I copy my information from JobsDirect before it is turned off?
  • Phone: 1-850-487-9460 or
    SunCom at 277-9460
    (Department of Management
    Services, Human Resource
    People First Service Center
  • How do managers and human resource professionals use the People First system?

  • I don't understand something I read on the People First system. Can you help?
  • Phone: 1-866-663-4735
    (People First Service Center)
    People First System
  • How do I access the People First system?

  • Where should I go to complete People First transactions?
  • System address:

    Passwords for Managers and Human Resource Professionals
  • My password doesn't work. Who should I call?

  • I forgot my login information. Can you tell me what it is?
  • Phone: 1-866-663-4735
    (People First Service Center)
    Webcasts of Learning Sessions
  • Are there any alternatives to the learning sessions?

  • I couldn't attend my designated learning session. How can I view one over my computer?
  • Go to the People First
    website at
    under Hot Topics
    (Then click on
    Learning Program)
    People First Project Office
  • I need an update about People First. Can you provide it?

  • I heard some rumors about People First. Can you confirm or deny them?

  • I would like to give some suggestions. Where can I send an email?

  • I have questions about People First. Can you answer them for me?

  • Phone: 1-850-488-7001

    Fax: 850 488 7035


    Department of
    Management Services
    People First
    4050 Esplanade Way
    Building 4040, Suite 152
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950
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