Water Reclamation Facility 

June Clark, Supervisor
601 Thurm Blvd., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
(321) 868-1241, FAX: (321) 868-1233

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Streets-Maintenance Division 

Kay McKee, Supervisor
601 Thurm Blvd., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920,
(321) 868-1242, FAX: (321) 868-1211


Public Works Administration 

Walter Bandish, Acting Public Works Director
This office provides overall direction and administrative support to the divisions of Wastewater / Reclaimed Water, Streets and Beautification.

Jeff Ratliff, Acting Assistant Public Works Director & Storm Water Administrator

Ed Lawson, Administrative Assistant
Michael Swingler, Administrative Assistant, Database

601 Thurm Blvd., P.O. Box 326, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
(321) 868-1240, FAX: (321) 868-1233

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Water Reclamation Facility

June Clark, Water Reclamation Supervisor
601 Thurm Blvd., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
(321) 868-1241, FAX: (321) 868-1233

This division includes the water reclamation facility, wastewater collection system, reclaimed water system and the laboratory and provides the following services:

  • Scheduling utility line locations
  • Help with wastewater collection system problems
  • Specific questions relating to plant process control and laboratory testing
Larry McCormack Utilities Maintenance Supervisor Carlito Cordero Instrumentation & Control Technician
Wes Fox Utilities Mechanic Kenneth Veenstra Lead Treatment Plant Operator
Ed Boes Utilities Mechanic Melton Taylor Plant Operator
Jack Heath Utilities Maintenance  Worker Paul Prince Plant Operator

Anthony Gricco

Utilities Maintenance  Worker

Steven Cooper Plant Operator

Phillip Bissett

Plant Operator

Gregory Deines

Plant Operator Trainee

Davina Beedie

Environmental Analyst

Rita Skrocki

Laboratory Technician

Barbara Dasno

Lab Technician
















North means north of Washington Ave.

South means south of Washington Ave.


Please try and conserve water by watering your lawn two (2) times a week. 

If you have any questions, please call 868 - 1240.
June Clark is the Reuse Coordinator. Thank you for your cooperation!



On July 2, 1990, the Florida Legislature enacted Chapter 90-262 establishing objectives, including a requirement that all municipal and private wastewater treatment facilities cease discharges to the Indian River Lagoon system. Hartman & Associates, Inc. (HAI) was selected by the City of Cape Canaveral to plan, permit, design and oversee the construction of the improvements to meet this state mandate.

A previous engineering study had determined that full reuse of the treated effluent within the City of Cape Canaveral was not financially feasible. This result combined with the state requirement to cease discharge to the Banana River left the City with little to no options. However, in 1994, the City was approached by the City of Cocoa Beach to pursue an inter-local agreement to transfer treated effluent to supplement the City of Cocoa Beach's reclaimed water supply. This request for 750,000 gallons per day of reclaimed water on an annual average daily basis finally made a reclaimed water system feasible for the City of Cape Canaveral.


HAI proceed to permit and design a 1.8 million gallon per day advanced wastewater treatment (AWT) and reclaimed water production improvement project for the City's existing wastewater treatment plant. The treatment facilities were designed to produce reclaimed water to supply to both the cities of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. The treatment facilities were also designed to produce advanced levels for discharge to the Banana River during wet weather or other periods when reclaimed water demands are low.

Construction of Secondary Clarifiers

In early 1995, the project was advertised and Wharton-Smith, Inc. was contracted to contracted to construct the $7,570,000 AWT and the on-site reclaimed water facility improvements. The project was completed on schedule and with the inclusion of additional $28,254 of improvements and equipment, the total on-site project was completed for $7,598,254.

Fermentation/First Anoxic Basins  

The newly constructed five-stage advanced wastewater treatment (AWT_ biological nutrient removal process at the City of Cape Canaveral's Water Reclamation Facility is a modified process of the original standard activated sludge waste treatment process. This modified process exploits several natural biological processes to remove excess quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus. These processes are accomplished by creating alternative anaerobic, anoxic and oxic conditions in the treatment basins to promote biological activity to remove higher than normal levels of nutrients. Nutrient discharges to surface waters, such as the Banana River, are considered detrimental to water quality.

Oxidation Ditch and IR Pump Station

The raw wastewater from the City of Cape Canaveral's wastewater collection and transmission system is first discharged into the new pretreatment facility consisting of both a mechanically cleaned bar screen and a grit removal unit. The screened and degritted raw waste stream flows to the five-stage advanced activated sludge treatment process for biochemical oxygen demand and nutrient reduction. The activated sludge is settled in the clarifiers to separate the solids from the treated liquid, then filtered for additional solids removal. The filtered effluent is chlorinated for disinfection purposes, then transferred to ground storage. The reclaimed water is then pumped through the reuse transmission lines to either the City of Cape Canaveral's or the City of Cocoa Beach's distribution system.

Belt Filter Press

Also constructed in this project was a new sludge dewatering building, consisting of a belt filter press and truck loading facilities. The City of Cape Canaveral previously utilized open air sludge drying beds. The drying beds were inefficient, labor intensive and the main cause of many odors from the plant site. The new facilities will be eliminate these problems.

1.0 MG Reuse Storage Tank and Pumping Station

In 1996, the City contracted RKT Contractors to construct the first phase of the Citywide reclaimed water system. This project also included the transmission main interconnect with the City of Cocoa Beach. The $1,152,000 project was constructed and completed concurrently with the WWTP improvements.

16-inch DIP Reclaimed Water Transmission Main

The reclaimed water produced at the City of Cape Canaveral's new water reclamation facility will be utilized to replace potable water that is currently used for non-potable purposes, such as irrigation.

Streets-Maintenance Division  

Report the following to Streets/Maintenance:

  • Unsafe or dangerous conditions involving roadways, sidewalks or parks
  • Dead animals, including sea turtles
  • Street light outages
  • Irrigation malfunctions on City property

Kay McKee, Supervisor
601 Thurm Blvd., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920,
(321) 868-1242, FAX: (321) 868-1211

Jose Castillo Maint. Worker Francis Daine Maint. Specialist
David Delacruz Maint. Worker Timothy Davis Maint. Specialist
Frederick Geddes Maint. Worker Donald Evans Maint. Specialist
 Robin Smith Maint. Worker

The Streets Division, under the direction of the Public Works Director, provides janitorial and maintenance services to all other City departments and is responsible for maintaining all city streets, sidewalks, bike paths and right of way, traffic control devices and signs, beaches and crossovers, storm drainage collection and conveyance facilities, city parks and buildings and mechanical equipment and vehicles. The streets division also operates the city-wide lot mowing program and holiday decorations program.

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