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Create a New Account

Register new Vendor Bid System Advertiser Account

All fields other than Phone Extension are required, but an account may not be necessary.

This account will be created with no capability. You must notify your VBS Agency Administrator once you complete registration so that he or she can grant necessary advertiser features to this account.

Advertisers must have an authorized account in order to post advertisements. All features not specific to advertisers and the administration of their accounts are available to you without registering or having to logon.

Accounts that are not authorized are periodically deleted. Please do not register unless your VBS Agency Administrator has instructed you to do so.

Area (999)
Phone (9999999)
Extension (9999)
No spacing or punctuation
Category: Organization options will change depending upon this category.

Select your organization.
Type your organization name.
You can remove this account from your agency and clear account permissions for the user by checking Expel. The account will not be deleted, but permissions will be set to minimum and the account will be moved out of your agency. Leave Expel unchecked to retain this account as an authorized account in your agency with the permissions you designate below.
Vendor Bid System (VBS) 
New password
Repeat new password
The new password must have a minimum of 8 characters and must include at least one UPPERCASE letter, one lowercase letter, and one digit or special character. It also must be different from recent passwords or other account information. A password can be up to 15 characters long.

For questions on a specific bid advertisement, contact the agency advertisement owner. Advertisements include the contact information for the agency advertisement. The agency advertisement owner is the point of contact for vendors with specific questions.
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