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Administrative Leave

All employees (Career Service, SES and SMS) may take administrative leave with pay for a variety of reasons with approval from your supervisor. Your pay for administrative leave time does not count toward overtime pay and is limited to the amount necessary to bring you to the full pay status for the work period, regardless of how much administrative leave is initially granted.

Time off is allowed for … If you … You may receive …

Athletic competition

are an official delegate or athlete preparing for, and competing in World, Pan Am or Olympic-level sports

time off with pay for up to 30 calendar days per year

Death in the family

need to take time for the death of your spouse and upon the death of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren of either you or your spouse

time off with pay for up two days

Disabled veteran re-examination or treatment

have been scheduled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for treatment/evaluation of a service related disability

time off with pay for the doctor's appointment, up to six calendar days per year

Disaster service volunteering

are a certified disaster service volunteer with the American Red Cross

time off with pay for up to 15 working days in any 12-month period, when services are requested by the American Red Cross to provide relief services within Florida or authorized by the Governor and Cabinet to provide relief services within the United States

Examination or interview

need to take a state employment exam or are interviewing for a position with the state

time off with pay for up to two hours

Facilities or office closure

are ordered not to come in to work due to a declared state of emergency affecting the geographic area where you work (for example, a hurricane) or a local disaster affecting the building where you work (for example, a fire or burst pipes)

time off with pay for the amount of time authorized by the governor or agency head

Formal investigation

are under investigation by an agency for an alleged violation of a rule or statute for which dismissal is a penalty

time off with pay during the investigation

Jury duty

are summoned to serve on a jury panel

time off with pay for each day of work you miss, not to exceed what you would receive for your normal workday


take part in the Governor's Mentoring Initiative by participating in school or community volunteer activities

time off with pay for up to one hour per week, not to exceed five hours per calendar month

Military Reserve and National Guard Training

are a commissioned reserve officer, reserve enlisted personnel of the armed forces or a member of the National Guard ordered into active or inactive short-term training

time off with pay for up to 17 work days* per military year (October 1 - September 30)

*some work days may exceed eight hours and in such cases paid time off shall be no more than 204 hours

Military service entrance exam

are ordered to be examined for entrance into the military

time off with pay for one day

Serving as a witness or giving a deposition in court or an administrative hearing (except for personal litigation or in the line of duty, representing the state as a paid witness)

are subpoenaed as a witness or to give a deposition

time off and any witness fees for each day of work you miss

Visiting your child's school or daycare

need time, for example, to attend a parent/teacher conference

time off with pay for up to one hour per month


choose to vote in an election during your normal work hours

time off with pay for up to one hour, as coordinated with your supervisor

Your supervisor may ask for documentation to justify your use of leave for any of the above situations. Check with your agency HR office for more information on the use of administrative leave.