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In the FRS Investment Plan, your and your employer make a monthly contribution for your retirement based on your salary and membership class. You decide how to invest your account balance in various investment funds the plan offers.

The FRS Investment Plan offers:

  • Flexibility - You choose how to invest the money among 20 investment funds including a choice of money market, securities, bonds, stocks and global investments. You may change your investment instructions any time.
  • Portability - After one year, you can take the value of your contributions with you when you leave the state or you can leave your funds in the Investment Plan. If you request a distribution, you may continue to defer taxes by rolling over your account balance into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another employers' qualified retirement plan, or you can receive a cash payment at which time you will be considered retired regardless of your age. At the time you receive a distribution you are retired under the FRS and are not eligible to participate in a state administered retirement plan in Florida if you return to employment in a FRS covered position in the future.

How Much is Contributed

As a member of the FRS Investment Plan, you contribute 3% of your gross monthly salary on a pre-tax basis to help fund your FRS Investment Plan account. The state also contributes a percentage of your gross monthly salary based on your membership class. The following chart shows the total percentage of your gross monthly salary that is contributed into your FRS Investment Plan account monthly based on your membership class.

Elected Officers Rate



Governor, Lt. Governor, Cabinet Officers


State Attorney, Public Defenders


Justices, Judges


County Elected Officers


Employment Class Rate



Special Risk


Special Risk Administrative Support


Senior Management Service


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How Your Savings Grows

In the FRS Investment Plan, your savings grows over time. Say you earn $50,000 per year and you are a Regular Class member, a total of nine percent of your salary is contributed to the FRS Investment Plan from both employee and employer contributions. In this example, let's also assume your pay stays steady over the time periods shown and you earn a 6% return (please note that this is for illustrative purposes only and your actual earnings may be higher or lower depending on the market) on your investments each year you work for the state.

The following chart shows your expected value of your FRS Investment Plan account after 10, 20 and 30 years of service:

10 Years of Service


20 Years of Service


30 Years of Service


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Your Benefit

You may choose periodic withdrawals or use all or part of your account balance to buy a guaranteed lifetime benefit like those available from the FRS Pension Plan, roll your fund over to another qualified account, receive a lump-sum distribution or a combination of these methods depending upon your investment contract. Note that if you withdraw money from the plan before age 59 ½, tax penalties usually apply.

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FRS Investment Plan photoOnline Resources

Visit the FRS Investment Plan site to view details on the FRS Investment Plan. From the home page, at the top, click FRS Programs and then Investment Plan. This site also includes calculators and access to workshops, to help you understand your retirement options and ensure that you are making the best choice for your future. Click the green "$" button at the top of the MyFRS site to view all of the investment fund options.

You also may view the FRS Investment Plan's summary plan description.

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